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Healthcare Mobile Application with Chatbot Functionality

In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, the demand for digital solutions that streamline patient-doctor interactions and facilitate remote consultations has been on the rise. Addressing this need, a UK-based healthcare provider sought to develop a mobile application that leverages a chatbot for initial assessments and information collection, enabling efficient matching of patients with relevant medical professionals.

Location: UK

Business Domain: Healthcare

Solution: Mobile app

Engagement model: Solution based

Key Technologies: React Native (Android, iOS), NodeJS, Firebase DB, Stripe Payment System


The primary challenge was to design an application that not only facilitates seamless communication between patients and doctors but also integrates a sophisticated matching algorithm powered by chatbot technology. Additionally, the project aimed to incorporate a credit-based payment system for consultations, requiring a secure and transparent mechanism for credit allocation and redemption by doctors upon reaching certain thresholds. Ensuring user authentication and document verification for doctors to maintain high service quality and patient safety was another critical aspect.


Our solution was a comprehensive mobile application developed using React Native, ensuring cross-platform compatibility across Android and iOS devices. The core of the application featured a chatbot designed for initial patient assessments, collecting essential information to match patients with the most relevant medical professionals. Upon a successful match, doctors received notifications to accept the conversation and proceed with the consultation.

The application integrated a credit-based payment system, managed through the Stripe Payment System, allowing patients to purchase credits for consultations and doctors to redeem these credits. A tiered credit gain system was introduced for doctors, incentivizing them for their services as they reached certain thresholds.

For secure login and user verification, we implemented a robust system using NodeJS and Firebase DB. This system included document authorization for doctors, ensuring that only certified professionals could offer consultations through the app.


The deployment of the healthcare mobile application marked a significant advancement in how patients accessed medical consultations. The chatbot-driven matching system streamlined the process of connecting patients with suitable doctors, enhancing the efficiency and satisfaction of healthcare delivery. The credit-based payment system was well-received for its transparency and ease of use, while the secure login and doctor verification process bolstered user trust in the platform.

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