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Job Dispatching Application for a Construction Company

Confronted with the cumbersome nature of manual, paper-driven dispatching processes for over 280 FTEs, a US construction company sought to digitize and streamline its operations. TeamArt devised an Amazon event-driven application, integrating it with the Twilio communication API, enabling enhanced communication, automatic SMS notifications, and streamlined reporting.

Location: USA

Company Size: 250+

Business Domain: Construction

Solution: Integration, Development, UI/UX Design

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: JavaScript, React JS, Java, AWS, Node JS, Event driven programming


The leading US construction company faced significant hurdles in their daily operations. They urgently required a cutting-edge web solution that would enable the seamless creation, dispatch, and communication of construction duties to their staff. Furthermore, instant notifications, the generation of comprehensive reports, and the ability to review historical records of completed tasks were paramount. Prior to this, the dispatching of all jobs was an arduous manual process, heavily reliant on paper. This presented a massive inefficiency for the client, who managed over 280 full-time employees (FTEs) on construction sites each day. These workers needed timely communication regarding their planned tasks to ensure the smooth progression of projects.


Addressing this challenge head-on, TeamArt designed an Amazon event-driven application, fully integrated with the Twilio communication API for instantaneous SMS notifications. Now, the dispatcher effortlessly maintains a CSV file detailing the crew's contact information.

As a job is formulated, relevant staff are handpicked, and an instant phone message, replete with essential details such as the job number, location, required equipment, and the appointed person in charge, is dispatched.

The streamlined process then awaits the recipient's prompt response, either accepting or declining the assignment via a straightforward Yes/No answer. Furthermore, to enhance the system's efficacy, robust health monitoring tools were incorporated, ensuring impeccable accuracy of the data file.


TeamArt's state-of-the-art communication/notification application has revolutionized the company's operations, replacing the cumbersome manual methods of the past.The dispatcher now possesses real-time knowledge of deployed staff to various construction sites, including who has accepted or declined a task, their precise location, the equipment in use, and the designated person overseeing the operation.

Adding another layer of precision, instant messages come equipped with a URL address, pinpointing the exact locale of the scheduled job. This modern solution not only boosts efficiency but also amplifies the company's operational excellence.

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