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Elastic Search for Global Forwarding Company

Drowning in extensive video transcripts from marathon meetings, a Global Forwarding company required an efficient search solution. TeamArt innovated by leveraging Elastic Search combined with machine learning, ensuring rapid and precise pinpointing of key topics within the transcripts, saving precious time and effort.

Location: UK, Hong Kong

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: AI, Elastic search

Engagement model: Solution Based

Key Technologies: AI, Elastic search, Apache, React TypeScript, Google Bucket


The leadership team of the Global Forwarding company often found themselves in prolonged meetings, generating extensive video transcripts. The sheer volume of these transcripts posed a challenge when attempting to search for specific subjects or topics of discussion. The company sought an efficient mechanism to swiftly locate key subjects within the video transcripts using elastic search.


In response, TeamArt devised a state-of-the-art tool, developed prior to the release of ChatGPT. This tool first analyzes video content to generate a comprehensive transcript. Leveraging the power of Elastic Search combined with machine learning, the tool was trained to swiftly identify and pinpoint subjects related to specific topics within these transcripts. This integration of Elastic Search with ML capabilities ensured that the search process was both dynamic and accurate.


The outcome was a transformative tool that significantly minimized the time spent searching through extensive transcripts. With the trained machine learning algorithms at its core, the tool rapidly and efficiently locates the necessary information, allowing management to quickly reference specific discussions and decisions. This solution not only optimized the company's approach to information retrieval but also showcased the potential of integrating Elastic Search with machine learning in streamlining business processes.

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