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Enhancing Server Administration through AI-Driven Analysis and Documentation Integration

Our project with a server administration company in the UK involved addressing a critical issue: the lack of comprehensive documentation following the departure of a senior developer. This gap posed significant challenges in understanding the existing system architecture and functionality.

Location: UK

Business Domain: IT, Global Forwarding

Solution: Integration, Data Manipulation, Data Load

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: Talend, C#, SQL


The primary challenge was to fill the documentation void to ensure continuity and clarity in the server administration processes. This task was crucial for maintaining and enhancing the system's efficiency and reliability.


We approached this challenge by integrating AI technology to decipher the system's architecture and functionality. This innovative solution facilitated a deeper understanding of the existing systems without relying on legacy documentation. Additionally, we implemented a server notification system, seamlessly integrated with Slack and email, which could be configured by the admin or through the platform.

This system was designed to provide real-time alerts and updates, enhancing the responsiveness of the server administration team. Another significant aspect of the project was the Windows installation over a network using PXE, streamlining the deployment process. Lastly, we conducted a thorough study and analysis of an open-source billing application, laying the groundwork for its future integration into the company’s systems.


The integration of AI for analysis and documentation, along with the implementation of the notification system and network-based Windows installation, significantly improved the company's server administration processes.

Our solution, developed using Talend, C#, and SQL, under the staff augmentation engagement model, enabled the company to overcome the challenges posed by the absence of adequate documentation and modernize their server management approach. The preparatory work for the billing app's integration further set the stage for enhanced operational capabilities in the future.

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