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Automation of Data Imports for Enhanced Efficiency in Logistics

In the complex logistics sector, our client faced a pivotal challenge: automating data imports from an extensive number of files. This crucial task was essential for integrating disparate operational elements like international forwarding, shipment creation, booking updates, and warehouse orders into the company's ERP system.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: Server Deployment

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: Talend, PhP, AngularJS, MySQL, Docker


We received detailed documents containing data and technical specifications that required seamless integration into the client's ERP system. The challenge lay in not only automating the import of a vast dataset but also ensuring its effective coordination with existing operational processes, thus enhancing the overall operational efficiency.


To tackle this intricate challenge, we developed custom modules capable of exporting data from the company's ERP. These modules were designed to relay status updates to the client via their API, facilitating a consistent flow of information. The solution entailed strategic server deployment using key technologies such as PHP, AngularJS, MySQL, and Docker. This approach was complemented by our staff augmentation engagement model, ensuring timely access to the necessary expertise.


Our solution surpassed the client's expectations. The automation of data imports led to a marked improvement in operational efficiency and productivity. The client expressed high satisfaction with the outcome, which enhanced their logistics operations and enabled more efficient and error-free data handling.

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